ElectrifAi's CustomerAi unlocks data insights with the power of AI and ML to improve ROI by improving CX through relevant, timely engagement. Influence customer decision journeys at scale across micro-segments, and enhance customer experience by predicting customer needs, improving recommendations, and mitigating churn

Campaign Segmentation

Develop and target micro-segments using past, look-alike, and market data by channel preference, day, and time of the week to improve reach and effectiveness, driving higher ROI and lower acquisition costs.

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Customer lifetime value prediction solution image

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction to help make better decisions by understanding the potential lifetime value and looking at new products or services, including segmenting clients and investing disproportionately to promote stickiness and loyalty based on the lifetime value.

Churn Mitigation

Churn mitigation to anticipate and reduce churn with predictive analytics. Identify high-risk customers and key drivers, predict churn time frame to come up with retention strategies looking at historical data to reduce churn, lift revenue and recommend new product/service mix.

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Upsell and cross-sell solution image

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Improve customer upsell and cross-sell conversion rates using relevant and timely insights, including key drivers to help segment and engage in driving sales and revenue growth while improving customer experience.

New Customer Acquisition

Generate high-quality and high-converting top-of-sales funnels using an approach tailored from insights gleaned from existing best customer's behavior and preferences.

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