STOP customer churn and sell more to existing customers. Start seeing results in weeks with 10x ROI.
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Realize 10x return on investment!

Value Proposition

With low upfront investment and quick ROI, CustomerAi is the fastest way to realize the real value of data by mitigating churn and acquiring new customers faster

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Increase productivity by 2-5x
Simplify data science with automation

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10x return on investment!
Rapid Time to Value

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Zero spend on data and ML platforms
Faster, Better, Cheaper

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Disparate data sources, no problem
Structured, Unstructured to Scattered data

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Responsible AI
Transparency and Explainability

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We do the heavy lifting from ingestion to insights

Why is CustomerAi better?

CustomerAi delivers a faster return on investment with a low upfront cost and flexible pricing model, and does not require product consultants. Unlike other tools, CustomerAi can work with various data types and sources without needing a CDP. CustomerAi works for Fortune 5 to mid-sized enterprises across all industries

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  • Predictive. Uses machine learning instead of just historical extrapolation and analytics
  • Ready to use. Industry specific expertise baked in
  • Business outcomes in 6-8 weeks
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Other Solutions
  • CDPs are not the same as customer engagement. They are a repository of customer interactions
  • Historical, analytical solutions are not based on ML and cannot make predictions

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Fast-growing regional consumer bank

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A top 3 US wireless carrier

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A top 4 cruise line worldwide