Drive up booking by 93% for direct mail and 63% for emails through superior customer segmentation and targeting


The client is a leading cruise line operator. They needed to continuously enter new markets, increase booking conversion rates, and secure higher margins. The rapid evolution and complexity of marketing, compounded by the functionality and capability limitations of their disparate technologies, made it difficult to organize data and apply it towards creating precision marketing campaigns.


Extracted insights into customer behavior and preferences to tailor marketing around select destinations and align unique customers preferences with targeted campaigns. Enhanced dataset with external data sources to enrich customer segmentation and targeting based not available previously. Predicted customer opt-outs and retarget lists to create more tailored marketing experiences.


increased bookings through direct mail campaigns
increased bookings through email campaigns
increased website visits

Bookings through Direct Mail Campaigns up by 97%. 63% increased bookings through email campaigns. 55% increased total website visits and 8% reduced total PG opt-outs.